Posted by: hmjsipiluph | June 18, 2007

Testimonial of UPH by Hendrik Wijaya

“Responsibility Begins With Me”….. It sounds strange some people, but it has a special interpretation for me. This motto puts up clearly visible, when we are entering B Building of UPH. I’m going to start my testimonial by using this motto which can describe how and what University of Pelita Harapan is.

It has been for about 2 years, what I discover for the last 2 years in UPH is not about how your result is but it is about how your process is. UPH education doesn’t only give their students an education which has a certain quality, but it also gives many opportunities to their students to practice their feeling of responsibility in many organization activities. This responsible feeling is superiority for UPH itself and for me; it guides me a lot through my studies.What we’ve learned during the class is supported by facilities and since being an UPH Civil Engineering student, there are some laboratories such as Concrete Technology Laboratory, Surveying Laboratory, Soil Mechanic Laboratory, Hydraulic Laboratory, Asphalt Laboratory, Structure Analyze Laboratory, Computer Laboratory equipped with original software. The field study is conducted routinely. As I know, we had visited Jatiluhur Dam, PT. Murinda Iron Steel, and Ready-mix Concrete Company, Flood Control Project, Sahid Tower Project. These facilities help us in understanding the real condition of our major. Other general facility such as wireless internet connection, library, sport court, gym, etc is another special quality of UPH.Our curriculum is supported by the lectures that consist of professional in Civil Engineering including foreign lectures from Germany, Netherlands, USA, Japan, etc. The lectures in UPH are not only experts in teaching the subjects, but friendly atmosphere between students and lectures create a conducive condition to explore more knowledge especially in practical knowledge beyond the material given in class. The lectures are ready for our problems either it is in the class or out of the class, more than that, some of them are pleased to help the students out of  their working hours by email or sms. Supportive lecture and warm class-mate make a nice atmosphere during the lesson. It’s nice for me to be here and I’m proud to be a part of University of Pelita Harapan…… A choice of vision for future leaders…



  1. hai……

    UPH mang ga da matinya yah…
    aku ank sipil juga
    tapi yang jelas bukan dari UPH
    boleh aku minta saran???

    tolong kasih tau aku,
    sebuah judul penelitian

    lagi pusying niih mikirin tema


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